Adding & customizing overlays

Hi Kurviger Team,

I really like the map overlay feature, thanks for adding it. Very practical feature to compare various routes.

  • Can you allow more than 5 overlays? The # is not limited in Bascamp

  • What about allowing the user to change the overlay color?

  • When will this feature be finalized (still in Beta mode)?

Many thanks!!!


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Thanks :heart_eyes_cat:

With the Kurviger Tourer subscription you get more overlays. Right now, with a subscription, you get 15 overlays. Even more is currently not planned.

No problem, just click on the color left of the name:

It works pretty well already, we are currently fixing a few minor bugs (see other forum threads that are popping up). If there are no more bug reports, we can remove the BETA :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the feedback!!!
I’m tourer and realize that indeed I can go up to 15 overlays and that’s perfect :pray:
Not sure why I thought it was 5

Perfect for the color as well. Just 2 suggestions here:

  • wouldn’t it be easier to have the choice between the basic colors like per example in Excel
    But this is a very very minor detail
  • the overlays are not very visible on the map. What about having an option to increase overlay thickness?

Many thanks, I love the app and can’t wait seeing it on IOS :smiling_face:

Forget adding another suggestion:
When choosing overlays to display, could you please allow multiple selection?
For me at least, I can only choose one at a time and can’t tick multiple boxes at the same time.

How the color choice is presented depends on the browser you are using, I think some browsers offer quite an extensive choice.

What basemap are you using? With Kurviger Liberty most colors should work relatively well.

Thanks, yes this feature will be added to the Kurviger app soonish as well.

Yes, thanks for mentioning this, this is currently a bit unexpected that you can only select one folder.

  • Color - OK, really a detail. The most important is to have the opportunity to change it :slight_smile:

  • For me the visibility is a bit limit and would be great having the option to thicken the lines. But again far from being critical.
    FYI I don’t see in my list Kurviger Liberty.
    The only Kurviger maps I’ve access to are:

  • Great if multiple selection at ounce for the routes to be showed as overlay would be possible.

Have a great WE ahead and again loving Kurviger :slight_smile:

And Kurviger Liberty Dark is not the best option for me. Thanks

Ah yes, this was renamed to “Standard” sorry :slight_smile:. This is the default Kurviger map :slight_smile: