Add routing algorithm to the existing waypoint dropdown menu items

I love how website has four radio buttons:

  • Fastest route
  • Fast and curvy
  • Curvy
  • Extra curvy

The above buttons set the algorithm used to get to every waypoint of the route.
it so happens website provides a dropdown menu for every waypoint.
I would be very helpful for me if the menu of the dropdown included an
“override” setting where I could declare the algorithm to get to the next waypoint.

If the above existed I could create a mix of algorithm preferences within one trip.

For me, the typical use case is “day” trips to a “destination”.
I would set the radio button to “extra curvy” for the route to “destination”.
But once there I am furthest from home, and tired, and just looking to get home.
For the leg from the destination back to home I would use the dropdown and select “fastest route”.

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