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Just another suggestion for the website as a whole: As I (and I assume, others as well) use kurviger quite frequently for other geo-related purposes besides motor bike tour planning, it would help to have a map legend handy. Right now I am visiting the Como Lake (Italy) and I am wondering what a special street marking way up in the hills is indicating:


What does the dotted marking of the street tell us? :slight_smile:

I am aware of the fact that the legend will change depending on the rendering chosen which may make it hard introducing into the website layout(*), but this is a feature that would help reading the map(s) significantly in such situations.

(*) Suggestion: Add a legend button to the button row top left, or even better: immediately below the map layout selector top right, that opens another detached window when pressed.


I just moved your feature request to a new topic. Please try not to mix subjects in threads. This makes it incredibly hard to find requests again.

We offer 10 or 20 different maps. Some of them don’t offer a legend themselves. So it’s hard to have a legend for every map.

What could be done is to add a link to the map legend, if there is one. Probably in the attribution of the map in the bottom right. WDYT?

For openstreetmap, the map legend can be found here. If you browse it, you will see how many different elements there are and how complex the generation of map legends for digital maps is.

The short answer is that this road is tagged with access=destination, so only local residents are allowed to use this road.

You can always right-click the map and open the same view on Openstreetmap where you can browse the data, this is often a lot faster (at least for me) to check what a symbol means.

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Regarding the topic mixing, you are absolutely right. And I even noticed myself, but had not the rights to move the contribution to a new thread, at least as far as I could see.

Linking to an existing map legend page would be absolutely okay iff this is readily noticeable to the user (i.e. with an outstanding format at the taken position on the screen). in that case, I suggest to to open the link in a new window.

Thanks for considering,

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