Activate Kurviger PRO

Hi Friends,

I would like have Kurviger PRO activated.
I donated 10 EURO from my PayPall account, that should be enough to try out and use “Kurviger PRO” for one year.

The donation comes not from my mobile phone and has other personaly information then my email account.

So what can I do?

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Do you mean the subscription in the website or Android app?

  • For the subscription in the website, you can see more details in the documentation.

  • For the subscription in Android app, you can follow the Google Play on-screen instructions.

Honestly, I lost a bit the overview about the several versions of Kurviger.
Please let sumerize how I got it and correct me if I´m wrong.

Kurviger App (v1): for free but only available for old subscription
Kurviger App Pro (v1): 10 € one time but only available for old subscription
Kurviger App 2: Current version. For free
Kurviger App 2 Pro?!?: 2,49€/month or 9,99€/year
Kurviger Web: for free
Kurviger Web Tourer: 2,49€/month or 9,99€/year

Is it possible to have both App version installed to test it maybe for one month?
and how is the new App named? I only can find Kurviger not Kurviger 2
And if I want to use the App and Website with full function I must subscribe both additionaly to my 10€ payment of Kurviger Pro?

I think you got it right.
There is a 7-day trial period for both the app and the website, during which you pay nothing.
You get the new Pro App features when you sign up for the subscription.

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That is Kurviger 2:

If you already bought Kurviger 1 Pro in the past, Kurviger will be installed in parallel. The icon background color is different:

Please see also


There are 2 different platforms (website + Android),
with free and extra features via subscriptions (with free trial).

You can find a comparison / overview of Kurviger features in documentation.

About the app, if you have not purchased it in the past, no need for confusion,
now there is only one Kurviger app on Google Play: