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Achensee - Uferstrasse wird nicht durchgehend als Route akzeptiert

Uferstraße Achensee - Richtung Norden

Die Uferstrasse am Achensee kann in nördlicher Richtung nicht durchgehen geplant werden. Auch wenn die Shapingpoints nur wenige Meter auseinanderliegen, wird keine Verbindung von Süd nach Nord geroutet.
Es sollte die Route von Maurach nach Achenkirch einfach entlang vom Achensee geplant werden.

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The more buttons and the more choices, the more joy? Apparently not always :wink:
Depending here on the chosen (non-tourer) profile, you either get a nice and unobjectionable result or you are presented with a curiously large diversion. Remarkable.
Brixlegg, Marktgemeinde Brixlegg - Gemeinde Achenkirch.kurviger (2.0 KB)

geht doch

Yes it is stable now but I can confirm that it was effective with a very strangely variable result in my test around 8.40 am today as I have described. Robin ?

There has been recently edited this avalanche gate in OSM
I think, it is solved by now.

Es wurde kürzlich dieses Lawinentor in OSM bearbeitet.
Ich denke, das Problem ist inzwischen gelöst.

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I did route yesterday evening in the moment as I wrote this topic.

I didn’t test it today

Now I will start my tour … divided into 2 parts as workaround.

Thank you for this information. I have not checked this.
This is also because the routing result switched per profile very strongly.
Fastest route for example was as normal as expected. So I could not explain the strange behaviour.
Unless “someone” was “working” on the routing engine at that moment.
That’s why I called Robin ? @boldtrn .The chief mechanic here.
Again for those who now doubt the report @FrankS was indeed correct.

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Since a few weeks you can use “straight line (beeline)” feature for such situations. Needs subscription.

Seit ein paar Wochen kannst Du für solche Situationen die Funktion “Direkte Verbindungslinie (Luftlinie)” verwenden. Geht aber nur mit dem Abo.


Sorry for being a bit late, no I haven’t changed anything in the past few days.

I guess there has been an issue in OSM, but it seems to be working now :+1:

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