Account & subscription - Problems with login and premium sub recognition

Hi there,

on March 5th 2022 my Kurviger Tourer Jahresabonnement has been renewed and I got debited with the subscription amount.

Today I wanted to login on the website into my account but there was a failure and I could not log into my account with my username/email and password.

Is anyone here that could help me out?

There were some routes and trips in my account that I wanted to finalize for this season.

Thanks in advance for the support and I am looking forward to a reply.

Best regards,

Jan from Munich

Facts & figures:
using only via Website and exporting data to BMW connected App
no app used from
System is a MacBook Pro with macOS latest version
Browser: Safari and/or chrome

Sorry for the late reply.

I checked the email you use in the forum, and you just created an account with that email yesterday. So most probably you used a different account back then. Not sure if you have multiple accounts or maybe you have a Gmail or Facebook account.

You could check to which email Paddle send you your receipt on March 5th, that is the email you used for your Kurviger account.

Let me know if this helps to fix this. If not let me know.

Hey - that hint was awesome. Solved my problem immediately.

Thank’s a lot for the great support. :smiley: :+1:

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