Access web route from app

Probably obvious, but I can’t work it out…
After creating a route on the website, how do I then access that route in the app?
Do I have to export/import anytime (not just once) I want to use that route?? I was assuming that if you are logged in on both, it should just ‘be there’.

Currently there is no “synchronisation via cloud”. Please see

and also the documentation linked there


Kurviger files is the simplest method to transfer and save routes.

You can synchronize the routes with free cloud hosting services.
Google Drive exists in all devices. There are many: Dropbox, etc.


This is very much wanted also by me - as I dont use mobile/navigarion for planning, and neverending import/export is not user friendly and its a bit exhausting.

Do you plan ability to login to existing account also in application in future? Routes are already stored on Kurviger cloud, only access from app would do the trick and makes app so much more usefull. To be honest I dont know, why this isnt already implemented (I am waiting for this about a year I think); as I guess having dedicated space and bandwitch for routes is the most pain here, and you already have those :slight_smile:

Some routes takes quite a while and dedicated work (because bad quality of some roads which maps cant gather generally), so planning on PC is more convinient for some of us.

This feature is only available on the Kurviger Website right now.

Not in the foreseeable future, sorry.

Android sync is not compatible with third-party syncs like the website that did its own implementation.
(such implementations always start from the mobile platform)

Kurviger app uses Google Play services.
Any synchronization implementation is expected to use the facilities of Google Drive.

Even if I could find free time in the future, it would be with an additional and expensive subscription.
(with prices like other applications, e.g. see here and here)

So the answer is that you already have a synchronization solution available on your pc + mobile.

Free synchronization solutions already exist and work perfectly with many available providers:
(Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)

However much more important is complete offline routing that other apps already have!

When offline routing is available, then I might think if more synchronization is possible.

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Thanks for answer. Brouter is kinda sufficient for my offline routing (and I dont have much internet on navigation phone), but I understand differences and your point - I forgot about routing aspect a bit for offline loading, if datafiles doesnt includes hundrets of WP.

For me big bulky clients as dropbox are not preferable on pc neither android (they are very robust, bit resource eaters and I found their behauviour a bit aggresive), I imagine something like have - just nifty quick sync option in app.

I have smb/nfs @home, I could try something like rsync+crontab in my mobile (SimpleSSHD could do the trick for non rooted devices), but still, there would be missing integration between web and my disk (no choose between routes in interface, quick compare for editing purposes etc.).

But thank you for answer, as we say “hope dies last”, I will hope that maybe some day… :slight_smile:

Maybe I am not a typical user, maybe I am, but for me best routes are first draft from kurviger online, and then carefully take care about checking roads state (disruptions, dirt, wood cyclotracks which are labeled as roads in map, temporary construction closing etc.) against google streetview, local provider maps, my experience/memory and take care about WP myself enough to not rely much on any routing algorithm, when I am on the way and internet could be (and is) limited.

That’s true!

Since 3 years now I plan my tours principally in and export them into Dropbox directories solely (in .kurviger format). Here I can structure, sort, rename - just as I want.

In each tour folder I keep all my trip information (.gpx files for Garmin/TomTom co-riders, hotel bookings, URLs of recommendations, addresses of contact persons, emergency numbers of all participants, etc.). And: I can share this folder with all people involved - even with non-Kurviger users. All this will probably be difficult to realize with a “Kurviger-Cloud”, therefore I don’t use “Your Routes”. Possible system changes in the future (see Android 11) are solved by Dropbox and do not tie up development efforts at Kurviger.

In my opinion, a navigation software should stick to its core business - why implement a weather forecast, for example, when there are a handful of good weather apps?

My personal wish list for Kurviger (WEB and APP) is extremely short: I really miss only the point-to-point routing between two waypoints - and that’s all!


Yes, you have synchronization on pc platform, and mobile platform. As you wrote, thats not Kurviger related. Thats synchronization of files. Ofcourse browser and kurviger app has access to the storage, but you just cant say that manually recreating Kurwiger web app user content on your personal storage (non related to kurviger) areas by your personal rules (nonrelated to kurviger rules) is Kurviger Web app - mobile app - pc integration.

Whats is discussed here is missing integration between Kurviger WEB and Kurviger APP. Technically it doesnt matter, where the storage is, but import/export one file=route is not integration.

My personal wish list for Kurviger (WEB and APP) is extremely short: I really miss only the point-to-point routing between two waypoints - and that’s all!

this topic as I understand its about “Access web route from app…” (and web route means route inside web Kurviger client), although I am happy for you that you dont miss something which others does :slight_smile:

Moto Navigation is particular demanding to route finding, checking/testing, and save best trips for later (I often use part of the trip as base for other route / road trip). For me, saving your precious work is pretty basic feature (and web client is already there).

If the Kurviger cloud is hard to bring to the other type of clients (therefore bring sync between clients in Kurviger cloud), I would think about using local storage instead. I would save money for infra, and let client (web/app/…) to choose directory as kinda “repository” for the Kurviger Routes.

No need for Kurviger cloud bandwitch/storage (in terms of saved and activelly used routes) and users, which would like to keep more tracks (ie. use store routes feature) would must choose directory, where would client automatically save/load track files in own format for example. But then should client automatically works with them and provide user UI as currently web client offers.

User wouldnt have Kurviger sync (which currently have only PC clients) but hey, even as user I would hapilly change convinience on one type of client to have support also for tablet/mobile/navigation. And be glad, that Kurviger devs save some costs - it could be even not subscription feature, as its not cloud related, so it have zero maintanance cost - its just program works with filesystem. I would take care about file sync on my own, as its offered here and there to more people nowadays anyway.

Thats just my 2cents :slight_smile: