About the points of interest: sort, search, filter, see the name on the map

About the points of interest in the application: sort, search, filter, see the name on the map, etc.

I think the treatment of favorites in the app could be greatly improved to help us plan the route and navigate it.

Some things I think would be very interesting for all Kurviger users would be:

  to be able to sort by proximity to the current location
  to be able to classify them by user-defined types
  to be able to change the color and icon of the preferred types
  to be able to filter and search by name, distance, type, ...
  to be able to activate / deactivate to see or not to see the name (especially during navigation) without having to click on it while driving or having to stop the motorcycle next to the road and take off our gloves.

Attached are screenshots of the application I use for OffRoad (CompeGps TwoNav).

App screen

Waypoints list

Waypoints list order by …

Greetings and thanks for the work.

Thanks for the many suggestions.

(although discussing everything in one topic is not recommended)

Enriching the sort of bookmarks seems to be more simple.
But it must be discussed separately: App: Sort bookmarks.

Bookmark colors are already discussed elsewhere: App: Bookmark colors.

Everything else must be discussed in separate topics
and could be examined in a future bookmarks review.
(when resources from other tasks are available)