ABO bezahlt Login nicht möglich

Hello, I’m new here and wanted to ask what I’m doing wrong.
I have completed one year’s subscription, but can’t log in?
Will I receive an e-mail with a login link, or how does it work?

Did you read the docu?

Hast Du die Doku dazu schon gelesen?

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The app and website each have their own subscription, maybe this helps already? Does Kurviger Tourer include the Android App? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

I definitely don’t have multiple accounts. I also got the confirmation mail from Paddle. Before that, a mail from Paddle that the 7-day trial subscription expires and then the paid annual subscription begins. But on the website I find no way to log in.

Sorry, I just found out that I’m probably already logged in. But why do I get a message that different functions are only available in the Pro version.
Thank you for your patience!

You would be surprised. That happens quite frequently when people can’t access their subscription.

I would recommend just to make sure, logout, then log back in. I just double checked you should login via Google (that’s how you purchased the subscription).

If that still does not work, it might be that you can’t connect to the database. The reason for this can be browser plugins, vpns, proxies, etc. - essentially anything that might be blocking the connection.