A28/A7(N7) Julianaplein crossing Groningen

Today I made a route back home in Groningen and found this interesting last part of my route.

What happened (I suppose) is a combination of 1) a new and current OSM map of the situation as it is right now and 2) the driving situation as it will be after may 2022.
But also that situation will be not permanent!

The whole new ‘Julianaplein’ will be a sort of Teletubbies-hill with 3-level crossings and a part underground with no bridges anymore.

The permanent new situation is scheduled for 2024 (without delay…) and until then, the road situation will change every few months.

When planning a route passing Groningen between now and 2024, it’s my advise to always check the current deviations at Groningen Bereikbaar and at van A naar Beter and never follow your GPS route ‘blindly’.

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Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile:

This is really the general recommend to do always! Navigation systems can never replace logical thinking and you should always follow local signs and laws :slight_smile:

BTW: the map has been updated in the meantime as well