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A tribute to Kurviger!

I really think it’s time to pay tribute to the Kurviger app and website - and the guys who gave them to the curves-addicted community, of course! :trophy: :1st_place_medal: :tada: :clinking_glasses:

How come? Because I just did some “housecleaning” on my smartphones I use as navigation devices (Huawei P20 Pro, MotoG 3rd Gen) by deleting some apps I don’t need any longer. And thereby I again noticed what a great progress both the Kurviger website and the app made during the last months.

Just to give a few examples:

  • So far I used the MyRoute-app for storing and managing my personal route library. But since Kurviger’s website supports collections and offers (almost) all the key features I need, it’s an equal surrogate - with the advantage of a perfect integration of the webiste with the app.

  • I used quite a lot of different routing systems but down to the present day Kurviger definitely calculates the most attractive and addicting routes. Sometimes there are only small variations. But they make all the difference if you want to have fun on the road.

  • On my motorbike navigation device (older MotoG without SIM card) I had another navigation app as a “fallback solution” if offline navigation is necessary. Those days are gone since the Kurviger app supports an adequate procedure for offline routing.

  • To avoid “ghost inputs” on the smartphone while driving in the rain I used “Argus Touch Blocker”. Not needed any longer as Kurviger’s app now has it’s own blocker.

  • It’s always interesting to reconstruct a driven tour afterwards (especially after deviating from the originally planned rotue or after just follwing one’s nose). Therefore formely I used “GPSLogger” to save my tracks - until the Kurviger app supported it’s own GPS tracking.

  • Considering different smartphone specs (like display size, resolution or performance) and various personal preferences for using a navigation system, it’s fantastic how indivual the Kurviger app can be configured. Really convenient for all demands after adjusting the settings.

No fishing for compliments but considering the fact that Kurviger is developed by just two (!) persons and that it’s absolutely on the level (or even way above) other solutions (even several standalone navigation systems from “standard” manufacturers like TomTom or Garmin, often with much greater development teams) it’s really impressive how capable and “to the point” the Kurviger system is.

And if I’m talking about “to the point” I don’t mean just using Kurviger for motocyle tours. I’m in the happy position of also driving a roadster additionally to my bike and Kurviger is just THE solution to get the most fun out of it!

Just have a look:



So all I want to say is: THANK YOU! :+1:t4:


More precisely: 1+1 persons or 1 person per platform.
A reality that many users don’t know or usually forget!

Thanks for the nice words and the interesting discussions all this time.
That gives us strength and ideas for the future, the journey goes on! :slightly_smiling_face:


me too! (oh - I just learnt that a post must have at least 10 characters … funny!)


MY words since years now… !! :smiley:


Considering the results of alternative navigation solutions I sometimes have a slight suspicion that other manufacturers either have more marketing people than developers - or too many developers in their teams :wink:. I’m pretty sure that now and then it’s a real advantage to have things in less (although very competent) hands.

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Can only fully agree. The considering of user requests and ideas is unique compared to other tools.

Therefore another question: when paying tribute in cash via paypal using the web link, is this then paying tribute to you both?

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No, I’m not affiliated with the website, see also my answer on a similar question here.