A few dozen metres long, unnecessary detours from the route

In most cases this is not a problem, as such a route proposal can be ignored, but perhaps it creates unnecessary confusion. Maybe it is possible to introduce some kind of filter that would eliminate such behaviour?

I give two examples, but I had more of these.

Nadwislanka.kurviger (1,3 KB) Targowa.kurviger (918 bajtów)

Beide Links funktionieren nicht bei mir… :thinking:

Neither link works for me… :thinking:

Sorry, I replaced the links with appropriate *.kurviger files. They should be better :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have generated the links again and they are OK!

Ja, es ist besser. Soweit mich mein Browser nicht wieder ärgert liegt es bei beiden Stellen an der Option “Vermeide Hauptstraßen” sobald man diese ausschaltet wird der “Umweg” nicht mehr genommen.

Yeah, it’s better. As far as my browser doesn’t annoy me again, it is in both places at the option “Avoid main roads” as soon as you switch it off, the “detour” is no longer taken.

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Truth. That’s the reason. But I will never turn off this option in my life because it gives a real fun of navigation with Kurviger! :smiley:

So if the change of the algorithm would spoil the navigation in other locations - it’s safer not to change anything here. As they say with us: “Better is the enemy of good” :wink:

That’s your right. But: if there are start/finish or waypoints on main roads, the algorithm will leave the main road at the next opportunity - and that is its right!

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Of course, the examples given are only a part of a longer route mapped by Kurviger (but with the same parameters as in the examples). I put these start/finish points here because Kurviger suggested crossing them.

Then it could helpful to see the “longer route” … :world_map:
For my opinion the algorithm doesn’t use main roads, except you place a waypoint on it. And then this main road will be left as soon as possible.

Can it be avoided by a small tweak to the curvy router algorithm?
Penalize VERY sharp turns at tight intersections (as shown in the example).

I agree with it. Overall, I like the algorithm very much (except for the occasional unpaved road drive, which is partly the result of incomplete OSM data).

I drew attention to the problem of short detours because of motorcyclists driving only „by ear”. If it is possible to look at the screen, that’s not a problem.

I would be afraid of excluding the desired intersections. Too much to lose :slight_smile:

Maybe something like „avoid the detour if you return to the same route in less than 100 meters”?

This also happens on regular turns, not only sharp turns.

There are quite a few discussions about this behavior in the forum here. The routing is already pretty tuned to avoid these. There is more to come in the future :wink:

But for now, it’s the best we can do.