3D map rendering

Will do… unfortunately have to wait till Sunday where the next bigger tour will happen.

By the way, forgot to mention something else: The new transparancy function for navigation bars is great, just the topmost navigation bar where the street names are shown doesn’t work with transparency. Can this also be fixed in one of the next versions so that all bars are transparent and the map is shown in full screen?

What steps do you follow and can you post an app screenshot?

Transparency seems to work the same in all navigation panels.

See sample from community:

you can simulate it also in preview mode… the topmost nav bar is not transparent and the route is not drawn to the top of the screen, it stops before this topmost nav bar with street names.

A:53 R,G,B:255

–> the problem seems only to exist in portrait mode

That does not seem to come from the app colors.

Some bar (from the system?) exists above or below app UI, hiding also part of top-left panel.

If you enabled the fullscreen, could be related to something wrong on how your OEM does it.
Can you turn off fullscreen and try again?

Here those colors appear as follows:

same in non fullscreen mode

It is not from the system. Can it be in the past there was a fix in Kurviger especially on my request to draw the map in full screen? maybe there is something left from this change?

In landscape mode the full screen is used by the map

It’s not related to navigation display colors.
(just more visible with transparency or fullscreen)

In very high resolution screens, the 3D map does not render until end of horizon.

ok thanks for the information. Is it something that can be changed somehow or just have to be accepted. The topic doesn’t have priority, since the functionality is not concerned.

3D map horizon has limits like real-life viewing,
so that is expected on high resolution screens.

Question:why is a visible horizon necessary in 3D? The horzion can be virtual outside of the visible screen. Is this a technical restriction why the map can’t be shown in full screen also in 3D mode?
The map includes the full screen on your device
I still have the problem that the topmost navigation bar is not transparent.

No, I already explained that all navigation panels have the same transparency.

It happens that 3D map horizon has limits, there is nothing useful so far anyway,
so a gray area may appear at top (it’s just a minor nice to have decorative case).

It may appear like that in very high resolution devices (> FHD) with full screen, etc.

That’s how the map library works, which is open source so everyone can improve it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can use less transparency in navigation panels or disable full screen in high resolution devices,
for better result.

OK now understand, sometimes i’m slow on the uptake. HD+ is unfortunately the smallest resolution on my device and the effect is the same. I tried on my old Samsung G4 and there the map renders fullscreen.