2 waypoints on differents continents - but within Pakistan?

I understand the restriction around planning a route across continents. I understand the Turkey/Russia boarder is the continental border within kurviger. Fine.
But why am I getting the same error message when I plan a route within the border of Pakistan? And the one in Lahore is on the Pakistani side :wink:
Any ideas?

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It seems we have made the cut a bit too early at this point. If you remove the start and SP1 it should work, maybe you have to remove SP2 as well, not 100% sure as I don’t know your exact route.

Also see the documentation here: Route across different continents [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Thank you. Iβ€˜ll try it later.

It could be useful to have a map showing the approx. continental separations. Would it be possible to have that added to the documentation?

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Thanks for the idea, this could be indeed quite helpful :+1:

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