2 continent problem

The planned route is: Breslau (Polen) - Brest (Belarus) - Holem (Belarus) - Kursk (Russia)
The error message that is displayed is:
Mindestens 2 deiner Wegpunkte liegen auf verschiedenen Kontinenten. Wir empfehlen die Route in zwei Routen aufzuteilen. Sollte es sich deiner Meinung nach um einen Fehler handeln, gib uns bitte im Forum Bescheid.
At least 2 of your waypoints are on different continents. We recommend splitting the route into two routes.
How can I plan my future route “around the black sea”

I would recommend to split your route. Plan one route to the border of Russia and one route from the border of Russia.

As far as I know you should plan the border crossing into Russia independently from Kurviger anyway. My latest info is that the border crossing into Russia can be quite time consuming and differs vastly from the different checkpoints.

I try to plan from Sozopol (Bulgaria) to Istanbul respectively to Arnavutköy. Both cities are located in Europe very clearly. But still I get the warning that the locations are in two continents. So I really believe it is a mistake

We had the same problem with Edirne-Plovdiv. At kurviger.de, Turkey counts as Asia, all of Turkey, which is not quite correct geographically, but is technically realised that way.
So unfortunately you have to split your route at the turkish border.

Same problem when I wanted to plan trip from Czech rep. to Madrid.

Couldn’t be the same problem - see https://kurv.gr/MGvPe

I had “Avoid toll roads” on. Then it cannot find a route.


bei mir kommt eine eindeutige Fehlermeldung. Wenn man diese beachtet und einen Zwischenpunkt setzt, zb Lyon, wird die Route berechnet https://kurv.gr/yeKmu.


I get a clear error message. If you follow this and set an intermediate point, e.g. Lyon, the route is calculated https://kurv.gr/yeKmu.