1st Q, should be simple but... can't create route

I’m using the Pro App on an Android (9).
I’ve set start and end points. How do I get Kurviger to create a route between them?!?!?
FYI; the phone does NOT have data (no sim card). I don’t trust my ‘real’ phone on the handlebars of my motorcycle. But I do have a WiFi connection.
I’m using downloaded Maps (north-america, US, Wisconsin).
I’ve spent about an hour searching the documentation…

If you have WiFi working, setting start and end should be enough. Did you check that you have an existing connection? Did you try with a very short route (<10km)?

I did not have WiFi when I set the points. I turned on WiFi after (and looked for ‘create route’).
I just moved the start point and it created the route!! THANX!!