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12hr vs 24hr clock


I cannot find where to switch from 12hr to 24hr clock shown during navigation in the app settings. If the option actually exists that is :slight_smile:

Units are set to metric and language is set system (English language, but Denmark as region).

This can be changed usually in Android “Settings | System | Date & Time | Use 24-hour format”.

It would be too much to have such an option within the app. :slightly_smiling_face:
We should either follow Android settings or use 24-hour format.


Android is setup to use 24hr,which is why I thought there might be a setting somewhere in the app.

What device / Android do you have?

Testing with original Android, when I change the 24-hour setting,
the application uses the selected format.

Huawei p30 pro New edition.


Switching to 12hr and starting kurviger it still shows am/pm.

Switching back to 24hr, made kurviger show 24hr as well.


I should probably have tried that earlier, but I did not think of it… and should not be necessary I suppose, but… :slight_smile:

The hour is updated every minute.

You can also check the arrival time (press 2nd panel on the right).

All day yesterday and right until I set the system to 12hr, then back to 24hr, it has consistently shown 12hr clock since I enabled the function.