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Sorting Waypoints by Drag & Drop [New features] (8)
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Screen orientation options ( 2 ) [New features] (36)
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Tracking function [New features] (9)
Trace or Record the driven route [New features] (3)
Straight-Line / Point Planning mode / Plotting a track on unsurfaced roads [New features] (8)
Routes offroad - motoplaner-features [New features] (3)
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Map for Northern Laos [App: General] (4)
Hausnummern bei Adresssuche werden ignoriert [App and Website] (3)
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"More..."-menu also when tapping on a route [New features] (9)
Waypoint as route start / delete previous waypoints [New features] (11)
Make it possible to enable/disable POI texts on the map [New features] (8)
Kurviger auf iPhone (mit Safari) [Integration with 3rd party applications] (4)
Probleme mit Routenneuberechnung, Lautstärke und Aufladen des Handys ( 2 ) [App: Navigating] (24)
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