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Use of different routing profiles within one route [Routing] (5)
Track in Route umwandeln [App: General] (3)
Routing Optionen kurvig und schnell+kurvig [Routing] (10)
Nachträglich Routenpunkte - subsequent route points [Website] (11)
RoutenImport [Website] (8)
Wegepunkte-Typen / waypoint-types [New features] (3)
Kurviger app kaufen [App: General] (3)
Edirne (Turkey) is still in Europe [Routing] (2)
Pressing enter in waypoint field does not submit form [Website] (3)
Automotive mode [App: Navigating] (6)
Application does not fint th route to an existing location: [Routing] (4)
Gpx-data of all gasoline stations throughout Europe - GPX Daten aller Tankstellen in Europa [App: General] (5)
Pass Bezeichnungen fehlerhaft, Keiner, Name, Höhe [App: General] (2)
Names (and even colours) for waypoints [New features] (8)
Dateiname, Routenname im Kurviger Menue [Website] (16)
Punkte setzen ohne Strassenvorgabe [Routing] (8)
Export einer Kurviger-Route auf ein Garmin zumo 396 (2) [Integration with 3rd party applications] (16)
Sometimes (rarely) navigation stops working [App: Navigating] (9)
Routing Trentine SP2 dir [Routing] (4)
Remember the name of an imported route [New features] (11)
Import von Dateien [Website] (6)
Offline maps invalid magic byte [App: General] (4)
My kurviger.de Tutorial Video [Website] (4)
Switch on and off a winter modus [Routing] (3)
On- und offline-Karten in Asien [App: General] (4)
Kontextmenü bei Favoiten/Lesezeichen [New features] (7)
Switch off the display while driving [New features] (6)
Transfer GEO Coordinates [Website] (5)
Routing by linear distance (Luftlinie) [Website] (3)
Installation on a new smartphone [App: General] (6)